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Plants farming methods

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Also called on spindle on pear, is a form of breeding suited to less vigorous varieties, very widespread in central and northern Italy, in light of the tendency to increase the number of plants per hectare and reduce the size of plants.

It has a rather simple structure, in which the plant has a classic tapered development due to the fact that branches inserted on the main trunk are in decreasing size going up.

The plants are never taller than 2,50 meters high, simplifying the harvesting, pruning and pesticide treatments operations.

The orchard comes into production in a few years, and already starting the second year it is possible to have a significant harvesting.

The fundamental characteristic is linked to the fact that the fruit produced by these plants are generally of very high quality.

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V Shape

It is a form of farming created to increase the plant density while maintaining a single row, also has the advantage of reaching full capacity in advance.

On the other hand, needs the support structures more expensive and requires more labor for all cultivation operations.

The V-shape is obtained by alternately tilting toward the trees dell'interfila, at an angle of about 20 ° from the perpendicular to the ground.

The plants must be a minimum height of two meters, and the opening at the top must be at least a meter, so as to ensure good lighting even in the inner wall.

If correctly executed, allows an optimal distribution of light within the canopy and leads to the production of fruits of high quality.

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