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Orchards planting

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To proceed successfully planting of an orchard, and 'fundamental design drawn from a thorough inspection and the importance of the field on which the plant will be built, making use of satellite systems, high precision. For data acquired and in accordance with the needs of each individual operator, is drawn up a plan outlining the direction of the rows, the sixth plant, the type of farming better than soil and climatic conditions and business needs.

Basic preparatory work for the planting of an orchard follow a precise chronology different kinds of work necessary to ensure the best production conditions:

  • Land development by leveling with half-track
  • Land development with deep trench plowing
  • Various subsoilings 60-100 cm.
  • Eradication with rotary harrow
  • Land leveling with laser grader
  • Planning and realization of the irrigation system
  • Installation of support poles with pneumatic pole driver
  • Setup of the materials needed for the anti hail systems installation
  • Shelter of the fruit seedlings by means of laser system

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