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Production Estates

Integrated Production Regulations

To get quality products that offer better guarantees to consumers in the environment, the Emilia-Romagna has developed since the early '90s, the project "integrated production". This technique provides the best use of all the most modern practices in agriculture and conservation, defined in collaboration with research centers and organizations of producers.

The integrated production regulation - constantly updated with the results of research and experimentation - collect all useful information for engineers and farmers, enabling them to adhere to the following:

  • Action 1 "integrated production" (in Measure 214 Axis 2 of the Regional Rural Development Plan 2007-2013 in application of EC Reg 1698/05, 2f of the former measure PRSR 2000-2006)
  • Action 3 "Arboriculture by short rotation wood - poplar eco-size 221 (in Measure 214 Axis 2 of the Regional Rural Development Plan 2007-2013 in application of EC Reg 1698/05, 2H of the former measure PRSR 2000-2006)
  • Technical assistance for the application of the techniques of integrated production funded under the LR 28/98 - draft provincial and interprovincial Technical Assistance
  • Interventions within the national strategy for the implementation of EC Reg 1234/07 (F & CMO)
  • Adoption of the collective mark Quality Controlled - QC - (LR 28/99) for crop production

The integrated production specifications have been prepared in accordance with the Regional Plan for Rural Development 2007-2013 (EC Reg 1698/05), the special provisions in the Ministerial Decree 3417 of 25/09/2008 for integrated production within the discipline Predicted Environmental under EC Reg 1234/07 and to the deliberation of Regional Committee n. 2546/03 of 9 December 2003 the application of LR 28/99.

The part of the defense and control of weeds has also obtained the opinion of conformity with "national guidelines for integrated production of crops" under the 2722 Decree of 17/04/2008 on the part of the integrated production. The specifications were ultimately approved by act of the Service Head Productions No Plants 1641/2009 attached showing all changes made to the 2008 edition.

Wording on the cultivation phase of the specifications of integrated production, which collects all of the technical rules for the conduct of farming operations until harvest of the product is divided into two parts: "General" and "Technical standards of culture" .

More information can be found in the weekly bulletins of integrated security prepared by the individual provinces.

Specific indications for the conservation and transformation of the power output required to adopt the brand "QC" are included in the rules post-harvest and other processed products.

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