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  • Via Tortiola, 29
  • Vigarano Mainarda (FE)
  • CAP 44049, Italia

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The Company

» the employees

» the administrative direction

» management, administration and logistics

» schematic representation of the production process

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The Employees

The company, managed and administered personally by the owners of the company, Messrs. Giovannini, consists of the household.

The legal representative of the company is Mr. Romano Giovannini.

The continued work on a yearly scale of the employees, specialized in the crucial stages of production such as pruning, thinning, the fertilization program, the dispersal of plant protection products, enables the achieving of an unmatched quality standard.

Distinguished by the certification of the productino, the company warrants unaltered features suitable to all international markets, aside from variation of the product.

The most important business period is the harvest time.

In this phase, the temporary employment of about 20-30 people, with regard to estimating the fifth part, permits to take up a drafting and efficient technical work organization.

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The Administrative Direction

The direction is at the registered office of the company, in Tortiola 29, at Vigarano Mainarda.

The objectives are relevant to reaching the highest level of product quality through precise and on time work organization.

In order to enhance the corporate image, the company also restructured the business center and participates annually with regular upkeep on all owned properties.

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Management, administration and logistics

Globalization has effectively nullified the distances and has stimulated worldwide cultural exchange.

Exporting the Italian culture in the world today, is easier and it is a duty of the highest level of entrepreneurship. Exporting correctly is Winning.

The commitment and the approach of a free market allows it to combine style, ability and quality. Hence the choice of Giovannini Agricultural Company to implement a system of commercial sale of Italian products of the highest quality and relevance.

An increasingly demanding market requires competition - high quality standards - organization and administration in step with the times.

With this, the Giovannini Agricultural Company wants to deliver and produce "BENEFITS" to a global society that is not satisfied but wants to act as a leader.

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Schematic representation of the production process

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